“Here I am with the best body I ever had”

May 19, 2014 | Real Stories

“I never thought I will be able to get a fitter body post pregnancy but here I am with the best body I ever have. I must say that I am not the only one very excited about it within the family! And honestly, the only thing that helped me to get this body is definitely the two sessions a week I did with Vix. I LOVE the 30 day online challenges and the core challenge definitely allowed me to get a perfect stomach. For me, the combination of the two classes a week and the online challenges has been my recipe for success. I can’t imagine the results of all the girls who do the bikini challenge with unlimited classes!!

SSo what does Vix have compared to other classes I did in the past? Her classes are really well designed and focus on making great bodies. She has the perfect level of energy to make you work hard and stay motivated. Relocating to Switzerland, I can’t imagine how hard it will be to not have Vix anymore to look after my body…thanks a lot Vix for being such a great trainer and while I won’t be a real Bondi Vixen anymore I will always be an online Vixen!” – Leslie K

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“Absolutely amazed and shocked with my results after Vix’s 6 Week Winter Booty Camp”

Absolutely amazed and shocked with my results after Vix’s 6 Week Winter Booty Camp. I am so so so HAPPY! I was very hesitant to start and worried I would have to be fit and healthy before I started the classes. This was not the case at all. Vix was unbelievable to have as a trainer and motivates you to always keep going! Its fun, hard, you get very sore muscles to begin with but is so rewarding. Within 3 weeks I started to feel myself getting stronger and taking measurements throughout the 6 weeks really keeps you motivated to keep going its totally worth it!

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“I would never have expected to see the change so quickly”

I started off this journey knowing that I was out of shape and had been putting my fitness and nutrition aside for far too long. I would occasionally go for a run or do a class at my local gym but I wasn’t consistent and was not seeing any results. With my wedding this year I tried on a few dresses and just didn’t feel good about myself. I know I’m not fat by any means but I knew I wasn’t fit by a long run! So I found The Bondi Vixen Bikini Body Challenge during my research online and I thought is give it a shot.

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“It completely changed my lifestyle and gave me goals to aim towards.”

When I signed up to the 6 week Bikini Body Challenge, I was really scared. I was extremely unfit but needed something that would motivate me. Bondi Vixen did so much more than that! It completely changed my lifestyle and gave me goals to aim towards. In the first week of the challenge I honestly didn’t know how I would last until the 6th week. The workouts were really challenging and I didn’t know how I would get to the fitness level of some of the other vixens. I have now completed the challenge and can safely say that I am so much fitter and stronger, my friends and family are even noticing the difference.

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