What happens to your body when you stop working out?

Jul 21, 2016 | Diet, Fitness, HIIT, Nutrition

Isn’t it crazy how life can get in the way of your training schedules.  It takes very dedicated and focused women to train 52 weeks of the year.  Winter, especially, is the season many of you slow down or even cease your workout commitments. Life gets busy – we totally get it but did you know what effect stopping your workout routine will have on your physical strength as well as your appearance?  Here’s how three common exercise hiatuses impact your body—and what to do to get back on the plus side

HIATUS ONE: You had a crazy month at work (or with the family) and stopped your usual four-day-a-week workout habit cold turkey.

THE EFFECT ON YOUR BIKINI BOD: Doing a mix of strength training and cardio is optimal for weight loss or control, muscle building, and aerobic health. Stop for a month and you may notice that some areas get pudgy, emptying the car boot of shopping takes a few more trips, and taking the stairs at work is not a chore.

Did you know that beginners who exercised for two months increased their strength on average by 46 percent. When a beginner stops training for equal time (two months) they lose on average half of the strength they gained. Yes they are ahead of where they started but would you be satisfied if you put in all the hard work to lose half of everything you achieved? Luckily for those that have trained for longer – you have a slower rate of decrease but are you prepared to go too long before you get back on track?

When resuming exercise, go easy. For strength training, start with about 75 percent of the resistance you’d been using—and increase as you feel you can. You’ll be back to where you were in probably half the length of time that you took off.

HIATUS TWO: You’ve been really into yoga but now miss the Vixen workouts you stopped a few months ago.

THE EFFECT ON YOUR BIKINI BOD: Swapping one workout for another isn’t a bad thing, necessarily. Just know that if you go back to Vixen workouts after doing program Yoga you may not be able to bring your A-game to the beach as you once could. Unfortunately, training is very, very specific. A cyclist at the peak of their career can climb mountains on a bike.  Ask them to run a marathon and there will be a very different level of fitness.

In the case of bodyweight training (yoga) versus Female Functional Fitness (Bondi Vixen), expect your strength to be down when you first return to the group sessions. Which isn’t to say you should stop your Oming—no reason you shouldn’t have both in your repertoire (and come Spring/Summer you will be able to get your Yoga Fix on the beach with Bondi Vixen!)

HIATUS THREE: You got injured and haven’t been able (or wanted) to work out at all for six months.

THE EFFECT ON YOUR BIKINI BOD: In this case, you’ve definitely lost muscle and gained fat (as if getting hurt wasn’t enough of a bummer!), especially if your everyday activity level was affected in addition to the lack of workouts. Once you’re cleared to exercise, you need to return very slowly, very light.  Half or less of what you once lifted may be too much; go way down and find a resistance you can do with good form and without pain for 10 to 15 reps. Or don’t be afraid to ask your Bondi Vixen trainer for an alternative – we are always supportive of Vixens returning from injury, we want to see you live a sustainable healthy lifestyle and training around injuries is very much a part of keeping exercise sustainable.

If you know you’re going to be sidelined (or currently are), we recommend upping your protein intake in your diet to help reduce loss of muscle mass during your time off.

SO it’s time we saw you back on the beach isn’t it? No matter what has kept you away it is time to get your focus back, put your game face on and join us for the 21 day Bikini ATHLETIX Challenge. This is hands down our most popular program to date. Why? Because it guarantees RESULTS!

I know you are wondering how on earth can anyone truly achieve any results in such a short amount of time? Well the answer is SIMPLE! Its a combination of 3 significant areas that we tap into.

  1. Effective and Intense Functional Training workouts specifically designed for the Female Body
  2. Our SHRED Plan created specifically for the 21 Day Challenge plus the SECRET Weapon (our exclusive ATHLETIX Whey Protein Powder)
  3. Personal Attention in a group environment including a Goal Setting session, Fitness Assessments and Tracking plus Mindset Training created by the Vixen who is not only a Master Functional Trainer but a qualified Life Coach too.

Its a NO-FAIL VIXEN FORMULA… don’t be the one watching the awesome transformations we post on social media. YOU be the transformation!

Registrations CLOSE Saturday. We have filled ALL spots however due to popular demand we have decided to keep it open till Saturday 6pm.

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