Introducing the Method™

The VIXLETIX Method™ is a exclusive method of fitness pioneered by Bondi Vixen! It is a fusion method that incorporates Strength Training, Toning and HIIT in conjunction with a use of interval timing!

It’s always been very important to Vix that fitness training be delivered in a unique, engaging and innovative way. This is exactly the reason why The VIXLETIX Method™ was born.

It takes the best elements of what has revolutionised the fitness industry over the past few years and been reshaped to work perfectly to suit a woman whose age ranges from early 20s to late 50s. This program has been developed specifically for smart, savvy women who see fitness as a priority.

Bondi Vixen’s fusion style of fitness incorporates 3 main class categories: Defined & Strong, Tight & Toned and Sweat & Fit with the addition of Barre and Yin Yoga at the end of the week to round out what is required for holistic health!

Defined & Strong

Designed specifically for strengthening, sculpting, and re-shaping a perfectly balanced feminine physique. This category of class helps your body be more effective at burning FAT by increasing lean muscle and focusing on compound moves!

 Classes offered: Total Body
Equipment used: Steps, Y-bells and/or

Tight & Toned

Designed to target your upper and lower body, this category of class is a fusion form of toning that uses isolation exercises to target trouble areas, tighten jiggly bits and torch MAX calories!

Classes offered: Legs/Booty and Upper/Core
Equipment used: Y-Bells,, Booty bands, Ankle weights, Pilates balls, Steps and Resistance Bands

Sweat & Fit

Designed to get your heart-rate up and sweat your stress out! This category of class aims to build a lean, conditioned physique, shred body fat and increase fitness like none other!

Classes offered: Fusion HIIT
Equipment used: Kettlebells, Sandbags, TRX, Plyo boxes, Bikes, Medballs, Boxing bags and Man-shields.

Our signature VIXLETIX class is a MUST for all that are new to Bondi Vixen, showcasing all 3 of our class categories in an action packed 45-minute session. All classes are suitable for a range of ages and abilities with modifications provisioned throughout.


Our Signature VIXLETIX Class guarantees you get the best of all that Bondi Vixen’s Fusion Method has to offer! This class incorporates all 3 training categories Bondi Vixen specialises in. And that’s Strength Training (Defined & Strong category), Toning (Tight & Toned category) and HIIT (Sweat & Fit category).

Within our 45 minute Signature VIXLETIX class, you can expect nothing short of a workout that starts with a warm up move (via body weight exercises), recruits the target muscle group (via bands and ankle weights), overloads the target muscle group (via Ybells) before burning it out via HIIT moves (on our Step Platforms)! It’s a must do! #SWEATFEST

Total Body

Defined & Strong
Designed specifically for strengthening, sculpting and re-shaping a perfectly balanced, feminine physique. We focus on a structured and progressive total body workout using shorter work intervals for an average of 8 to 12 reps – which is the ideal strength range for women wanting a lean, streamlined body without the bulk!
A total body workout, combining the use of Ybells and/or Kettlebells and Barbells.


Tight & Toned
Are you ready to get Bootylicious? There is only one agenda in this class and that is to focus on your legs and booty by implementing compound and isolation exercises to target quads, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs and butt! This is achieved using a combination of different pieces of equipment: Steps, Ankle Weights, Booty Bands, Pilates Ball & Bells (either Kettlebells or Barbell). This class is hands down the most popular for obvious reasons!


Tight & Toned

Using a combo of upper body focused exercises to develop base strength, tone & define simultaneously – this workout will provide an incredible boost to your metabolism, strengthen your upper body, and tone your arms, waist, back and shoulders! With a focus on longer intervals averaging 15 to 20 reps this class will maximize definition and toning. Expect to use between of 3-4 different pieces of equipment: Steps, YBells and/or Barbells and Resistance Tubing!

Fusion HIIT

Sweat & Fit
A total body metabolic conditioning circuit that incorporates a mixture of strength based and cardio based exercises in a rotating format. With 4 multi-stations in total to move through, this class is the ultimate in increasing fitness while keeping your body strong, well-conditioned and agile. Designed to tap into our unlimited functional training and boxing equipment all in one class. Get ready to SWEAT, GET FIT and STRENGTHEN!


A comprehensive total body workout that lifts and tones your body from head to toe – plus burns fat in record-breaking time. While primarily working specific muscles like booty, legs, arms, and abs we always maintain core stability and whole-body alignment, making every exercise a full body exercise. Barre with a Pilates infusion (using balls, bands, and light weights) is a great way to tone muscles and burn calories. Muscles are worked to the point of fatigue and then released through stretching movements to create long, lean muscles.


Ideal for anyone and everyone, this class is a fusion of yin yoga and deep stretches that will improve your mind, your body, and your life! During this popular class, an inspired soundtrack plays as you bend through a series of yoga poses and deep stretches. Breathing control is also a focus as you lengthen your entire body, starting your weekend feeling calm, centred and balanced. This class will improve your flexibility and increase core stability while you reduce stress levels.