As if training on Bondi Beach isn’t enough motivation to get in the best shape of your life! Imagine sharing the experience with a bunch of like-minded women? Get FITTER than even imaginable, have more FUN than a comedy show and stay highly MOTIVATED like a true Fitspo! YES it is possible.
The variety and uniqueness of our Group Classes means you’ll never get bored and you have structure to your weekly training regime. This will keep you consistent and help you stay on track towards your Health and Fitness Goals.

Boutique Studio Classes

Our Boutique Studio Classes located at 34a Ocean Street North, Bondi are exclusively tailored for Women only. Our indoor sessions focus on Resistance Training to get you STRONG and SCULPTED. These classes include XFit Circuits, Strength and Conditioning. These classes utilise Suspension Training, Kettlebells, Barbells, Sandbags & Plyometrics.

Our Boxfit and Cardio Classes focus on Fat Burning and Fitness to get you SUPER FIT & AGILE. While our Barre, Pilates and Balance Classes focus on Mobility, Lengthening while Strengthening and Relaxation.

Female Functional Fitness

For Total Body Workouts that achieve REAL results, join our Fun and Effective Female Functional Fitness classes in Bondi Beach.

Whether you’re looking to build Lean Muscle, lose Body Fat, increase Fitness or let off some Steam, with Vix and her awesome Team by your side, as Mentor and Coach you’ll lead a more Active Lifestyle & achieve a Lean, ATHLETIX Bikini Body before you know it!


For the ULTIMATE Body we recommend combining a mixture of all classes throughout the week.

That way you are continually keeping your body guessing, challenging it with different styles, modalities and keeping your workouts FRESH and INNOVATIVE.

For descriptions of all classes please refer to the timetable page or download the Bondi Vixen App to your phone to see the full list of classes and descriptions.

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