Boutique group fitness training, designed by women, for women.

We specialise in redefining the female body via a fusion of 3 key elements:

  • Strength Training (compound moves using resistance based equipment)
  • HIIT (utilising Interval Training methods)
  • Pilates Inspired Movements (small isolated moves using bands and balls)


Our version of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is NOT the traditional high impact method (no burpees!). We avoid heavy load on our knees and backs. We utilise resistance equipment with low impact exercises to elevate the heart rate which increases the intensity during timed intervals.


That’s not to say we don’t get the heart rate up with a cardio workout! Jump on Box HIIT and Cardio Core to get a max calorie burn with body-weight and cardio drills designed to increase your fitness and endurance for total body conditioning. 


As a Master Fitness & Pilates Trainer with nearly 30 years experience training women, every workout is infused with Pilates inspired movements, lengthening out the muscles to create that lean toned appearance, whether its a strength based class, cardio focused workout or a dynamic flex session with Barre or Yoga. We are not interested in 1Rep Max or heavy impact on joints; our method is tailored specifically for the ultimate Bondi Beach body. 


As busy women we need a time efficient workout that incorporates the best elements of Strength, HIIT & Pilates in a 45 minute session, designed to sculpt and tone the ultimate female physique for all ages and abilities. 


The Redefine Method is designed to work for women not against women - reducing the risk of injury by safe, effective exercises with the intensity controlled by you! We can get your heart rate up without throwing 100 burpees at you! 

Our Classes

Total Body

A total body workout, combining the use of TRX, Sandbags, Kettlebells and/or Barbells designed specifically for sculpting, strengthening and re-shaping a perfectly balanced feminine physique. With a clear focus on increasing lean muscle, base strength and burning a stack of calories, this class will transform your body into a fat burning furnace with that lean, toned look all women want!!

Booty Sculpt

Are you ready to get Bootylicious? Focusing on your legs and booty by implementing compound and isolation exercises to target quads, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs and butt! This is achieved using a combination of 3 different pieces of equipment: Booty Band, Pilates Ball & Bells (either Kettlebells or Barbell). This class will increase lean muscle, strengthen core, tone legs, sculpt & lift your booty and torch MAX calories. It’s a MUST DO for all Vixens!

Upper Body Tone

This class focuses on Upper Body and Core Strengthening via the use of 3 different pieces of equipment: Suspension Training (TRX), Resistance Tubing & Weight Plates. Using a combo of upper body focused exercises to develop strength, tone & definition simultaneously, this workout will provide an incredible boost to your metabolism, strengthen your upper body and tone your arms specifically.


Box HIIT is a total body workout that combines boxing drills, cardio drills, body weight and core exercises to create an awesome HIIT workout. Think timed intervals using boxing bags, man-shields, bands, plyo boxes and medicine balls! This type of workout aims to build a lean, toned body, torch body fat and increase fitness. 

Cardio Core

Cardio Core purely focuses on strengthening & defining your abdominals along with core strength & stability. A combination of Pilates inspired core exercises incorporating mental concentration and breath work, plus functional abdominal exercises with an infusion of cardio intervals to keep the heart pumping and your fitness skyrocketing!

Pure Barre

A comprehensive total body workout that lifts and tones your body from head to toe . Barre with a Pilates infusion (using balls, bands and light weights) is a great way to tone muscles and burn calories. Muscles are worked to the point of fatigue and then released through stretching movements to create long, lean muscles.

Yin Yoga

Ideal for anyone and everyone, this class is a fusion of yin yoga and deep stretches that will improve your mind, your body and your life. During this popular class, an inspired soundtrack plays as you bend through a series of yoga poses and deep stretches. Breathing control is also a focus as you lengthen your entire body, starting your weekend feeling calm, centred and balanced. This class will improve your flexibility and increase core stability while you reduce stress levels.

Bondi Vixen Fitness App

Bondi Vixen's newest addition is the Fitness  App unlocking access to Bondi Vixen workouts anywhere.  Can't make it to class or want to work out in the Office Gym or go on holiday, take your workout with you! 

The Bondi Vixen Fitness app will also track your training progression with the ability to track the weight you are working with, your measurements, progress photos and calories in vs calories out. 

This feature is an add-on to your Bondi Vixen Membership - see below. 

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