game changer

Eliminating the Yoyo Effect for Good

Bondi Vixen is indisputably the pioneer in female transformations with close to 3 decades of experience, however what we commonly see, is women making the mistake of taking their foot off the pedal once they lose weight - and it isn’t long before they regain it again.

Game Changer was developed from an in-depth investigation and research into the ‘Yoyo effect’ after weight loss.

Game Changer looks at all aspects affecting weight loss and addresses every single one of them over a comprehensive 12-week program.

Game Changer will tell you what to eat and when to eat to keep your metabolism guessing and avoiding “starvation mode” for effective, sustainable weight loss. 


You can have your favourite foods, without falling off the bandwagon. It’s all in the timing.

Your weekly emails will teach you what environmental factors you can control that you didn’t even know were affecting your weight!

But most importantly, Game Changer will give you all the tools you need to make lasting change.

Eliminating the Yoyo effect for Good!



  • 12-week comprehensive nutritional program.
  • Initial Comprehensive Consult with Vix to go through Weight history, the program and your goals. 
  • Measurements completed at every 4 weeks with Vix.
  • Game Changer Recipe eBook with 74 recipes.
  • Weekly Menu plan and Meal Prepping Guide delivered every Thursday. 
  • Choice of two programs:
    Standard or Fast-Track depending on your goals. 
  • Weekly emails with in-depth information on environmental factors that affect our weight. 
  • Plus a step-by-step guide to reducing your set point with each topic, backed by science and research.