Who is Bondi Vixen Suitable for?

Bondi Vixen training is great for any woman who wants to train in a controlled group environment. Our goal is for you to enjoy your training and look forward to working out plus achieve great results through our structured daily workouts. We focus on Female Functional Fitness – if there’s one thing we understand it’s how to train women! Our ideal age of women ranges from 20s to late 50 years young! We cater to different levels of fitness, experience and confidence and we love clients who look at training with us as an investment to their health, wellness and longevity.

What makes Bondi Vixen Different to other Training Facilities?

For a start, Bondi Vixen is led by the inspiring Vix Erber, one of Sydney’s most respected Personal Trainers. We are NOT a drop in gym where you are just a number. We notice if you require extra assistance correcting your technique or if you haven’t been to class for awhile. Our class numbers are capped and additional instructors are put on for full classes, so you’re guaranteed personal attention no matter what. We also take the time to get to know you personally, understand your fitness goals, and help you achieve them – it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We also have a strong understanding of the female body, and how to transform a woman’s shape. Creating strong healthy bodies through functional training is what we do best! And while our classes are intense, we let everyone go at their own pace so you’ll never feel out of your depth. We are here to support and push you to achieve your best no matter what level you are at!

I’m not very fit and slightly intimidated. Can I still train with Bondi Vixen?

Don’t worry! Lots of women come to us unfit when they start our group classes – that’s the whole point of coming to us isn’t it? What we suggest here is to firstly book in for a complimentary Fitness Consult, from here we can determine your starting point and recommend a class schedule or book you in for a Fundamentals Personal Training session - this includes a 45min one on one session to teach you the correct technique when using Kettlebells, Sandbags and the basics of Boxing. This session will arm you with the knowledge, safe practice and peace of mind to enter the group classes with ease. Please know that there will be women at different fitness levels in all classes, and we tailor exercises so everyone is capable. This is done by providing modifications and progressions in all workouts. The beauty of our classes is that you’ll get personal attention, but can still benefit from the group morale. We’re always super supportive and encouraging, so you never need to feel embarrassed or intimidated.

Is it best to do a Variety of Classes or stick to one?

The way the Timetable works is each class has one of three focuses - Cardio & Fitness, Strength & Sculpt or Lengthen & Tone which works your body in different ways. The perfect training schedule would be 2 classes of each focus per week - 6 sessions a week giving you a complete and balanced workout schedule covering all aspects to ensure great results. We encourage no less than 3 to 4 classes per week for best results. So it’s encouraged to come as often as you can and mix up your classes to get the variety of training offered daily. Each class type offers something different, so it depends on what you want to achieve or what you want to focus on. For example, test your athleticism with our CARDIO or BEACH classes, manage your stress with our PILATES or BALANCE classes, let off some steam with our BOXFIT classes or build lean muscle with our STRENGTH classes.

Is there a lot of running?

No. The most running we do is shuttle runs on the beach. We don’t do any running in studio sessions. We focus on Functional Training and target cardio through HIIT training not running specifically. The key to creating a slim, toned body is to focus on increasing your lean muscle tissue. The best way to achieve this is through a combination of short burst cardio, body weight and resistance training (kettlebells, sandbags, boxing, kickboxing). So don’t stress, there will be no long-distance marathons here!

Do I need special gear?

In regards to workout gear, anything that is comfortable and supportive is fine. We also have a limited selection of cool Bondi Vixen apparel in the shop if you feel like purchasing something cool!
In regards to training gear we provide most equipment, however for hygiene and safety purposes we encourage all members to please purchase the Vixen Kit, which includes all the gear you’ll need to do boxing classes, as well as Personal Training. The Kit includes GX Hybrid Punch Gloves, Cotton Inners, Vixen Cap – total cost $110.

Please Note! We use specific boxing gloves for our workouts. These gloves cannot be purchased in any sporting shops except for the PUNCH Factory Outlet but for ease we have them for you. They are 2 in 1 (boxing gloves and focus pads in one). You can purchase the Kit on our shop page and pick it up at your first session if you wish to purchase some.

You’ll also need to have a bottle of water, a small towel and exercise mat as you will be lying on the ground at some stage within the workouts. We do sell water in studio for $2.50 and you can borrow our exercise mats, but towels are mandatory.

How many people in each class?

We like to keep our class numbers well balanced with our teachers to ensure safety and personal attention to technique, which is our main priority. On average there are a minimum of 4-5 with one instructor in a very small class and a maximum of 20-30 women with two instructors in most of our peak time classes. However it does vary with the seasons and when we run our ZONE 21 Kickstart program throughout the year.

We’ve also found that controlled group sizes mean everyone gets enough individual attention, with the moral support of a team atmosphere. Let’s face it, training is more fun when you’re not sweating it out alone!

What happens if a class is full?

If a class is full you can be requested to be placed on a waitlist by booking the class online or through the app.

If a place becomes available a notification of being added to the class is sent to you via email. Please check your email prior to the class start time to see if you have been added to a class.

Please be aware if you don't check your emails you are risking a No-Show Fee.  If you no longer wish to attend the class please remove yourself from the waitlist before the 60 minute booking window closes. 

What time are classes held?

Group Classes:
Monday to Friday @ Studio – 5:30am; 6:15am; 9:30am
Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ Beach - 5:45am
Monday to Thursday @ Studio – 6:30pm; 7:15pm
Saturday @ Studio – 6:45am, 7:30am, 8:15am; 9:00am

You can check out the current class schedule and book via the timetable page.
We also offer Private Personal Training at a time that suits you.

Do I book classes ahead or just turn up?

You’ll need to book (and cancel) all your classes and appointments. This is easily done via the Bondi Vixen App or directly on the Timetable page on the website.
All classes have a booking window of 60mins before the start time of the class. This means all classes must be booked 60mins before or cancelled 60mins before start time. This is to ensure we have the right ratio of Teachers vs Vixens, plus allows time for anyone on a waitlist to be notified of any spots that become available.

How long are the sessions?

All group classes are 45 minutes in duration and all PT sessions are 45 minutes in duration. This gives you enough time to warm up correctly with mobility work and light cardio, do a solid 40 minute workout and end with a good stretch. If you need to leave early just alert us at the start of the workout so we can ensure you leave safely (and stretch in the shower!).

Where do we meet for training?

The Cathedral of SWEAT:
All Classes are held at 34a Ocean Street North, Bondi - Yes, it was once the Bondi Anglican Church that has had a complete designer makeover by Bondi Vixen. There is street parking available in all surrounding streets plus a public carpark in Wellington Place, off Wellington Street.

Can I start anytime during the year?

Yes, you sure can! The only date-specific program is our ZONE 21 Kickstart held throughout the year.

What is the ZONE 21 Kickstart Program?

Our Intro Offer is the ZONE 21 Kickstart, a 21 Day Lifestyle Transformation program designed for Maximum impact in Minimal time. We give you all the tools you need to Kickstart your healthy lifestyle, a Clean Eating/Detoxing Meal Plan coupled with Unlimited Training over 21 Days plus the daily accountability and support from the Bondi Vixen Team. This is the perfect introduction to Bondi Vixen with most attendees staying on long after the Kickstart to continue their healthy lifestyle with us.

If I have an old injury, will it be a problem?

If you have any concerns at all, check with a doctor or physio before you start training again. Our classes are designed to be hard work and to push you outside your comfort zone. If you are “fit to train”, you’re in safe hands however please note that the beauty of functional training is that we can modify or progress any exercise to suit your limitations. We’ll also ask you to complete a questionnaire with us before you start, so we can find out if there’s anything we need to be careful of, and modify your training accordingly.

We also have a sports masseuse and assisted stretch expert as part of the Bondi Vixen Team so why not book in for a regular massage or stretch session to help with any persistent injuries.

What if I miss a class?

All Memberships are Unlimited Access so you If you miss a scheduled class you are welcome to make it up on any other time or day. 

If you do a No Show or Late Cancel, your class will be forfeited. Be sure to cancel the class early (over 60 mins prior to the class start time) to prevent a No Show fee.

What is the No Show Fee?

We have an in-house policy that you MUST adhere too. We will be debiting your account $10 for no-shows or late cancels to all booked classes. All classes are capped to control numbers and comfort in the studio which results in waiting lists for peak time classes. By not turning up to a booked class means you have taken a place from someone else, so to prevent this happening we have a no-show or late cancel fee. A late cancel occurs when the class is cancelled within 60 mins of the start time. No Show means not turning up to a booked class.


Bondi Vixen’s Joining Fee is $50.  This covers ongoing administration costs of your membership.


We have two types of memberships, our Flexi Plan and a 6 Months Membership. 

Our Flexi Plan is a minimum of 6 payments, after the minimum period the membership rolls over week-to-week.  You are welcome to cancel your membership at anytime however you must provide 30 days’ notice in writing to and meet your minimum payment requirement.

Our 6 months membership has a minimum of 26 payments.  At the end of the 26 payments the membership will rollover for another 26 payments.  If you require any changes to your account ie Cancellation or Change to a Flexi Plan, you’ll need to provide 30 days’ notice prior to your rollover date.  The benefit of locking in for 6 months at a time is a saving of $260 over the 6 months.

Your rollover date is advised at time of sign up. Please note; time freeze requests will extend this date out by total weeks frozen.  If you are not sure of your rollover date, please contact

Can I cancel my membership?

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for up to date Cancellation Policies. Each membership has a minimum commitment period and requires 30 days’ notice in writing.  Please contact if you need to cancel your membership to find out your obligations.


Yes, we can freeze your membership for any length of time and any reason.  Time Freeze is available for $10 per week requested, fees are payable upfront.

Time Freeze periods will not count towards Your contractual minimum term and will extend any applicable minimum term by the number of suspended weeks.

All time freeze requests must be received in writing to

Can I bring a friend?

The More the Merrier – Bondi Vixen LOVES referrals! Just get your friend to purchase our 7 Day Intro Offer (unlimited classes for $45) or a Casual Class to get started. This can be done via the website or Bondi Vixen App.

Can you help keep track of my progress?

Absolutely! As a Member you get access to the Bondi Vixen Fitness Tracker Platform to log your progress. We’ll take you through an optional review and Fitness Assessment every 12 weeks so you can find out what areas you need to focus on and how much you have improved over time. Results are the name of the game and we’ll do whatever it takes to get you there.