Exercise and Pregnancy!

Oct 27, 2015 | Fitness, Nutrition

Well because I’m a trainer for mums as well as Vixens, (with my well known Mama Moves Classes established in 2005), I thought I would come up with a few basic exercise guidelines around exercising whilst pregnant because there still seems to be a lot of confusion and uncertainty around this topic .  And I thought we could discuss the ones that I feel are most important for you:

Basic Exercise Guidelines for Pregnancy:

  1. Get the OK

As always, make sure to get your doctor’s okay BEFORE you begin your exercise routine – that way he/she can rule out any high-risk situations.

  1. Stick to what you know!

I know you hear this all the time, but when you are pregnant you really need to think about it. Because there are so many changes going on in your body, NOW is NOT the time to start something new.

  1. Use common sense when you’re trying to decide whether to continue your pre-pregnancy exercise workout or not.

Because I can’t answer each one of you individually (and there are SO MANY different exercise routines and intensities out there!), here are my suggestions:

– Avoid running long distances and training for marathons, they are too intense for this time in your life. Moderate your activity by slowing down the intensity and duration and you should be fine.

– Avoid training in intense heat, on steep inclines or at high altitudes. Choose even terrain and stick to public places (you’ve got way too much to risk!!).

– Avoid sports like basketball, squash, racquetball and tennis – they involve too many jerky movements and rapid changes in direction, which is too much for your loose joints and poor balance to deal with.

   4.  When it comes to weight training – aim for endurance over strength (preferably 15 to 20 reps.).

Concentrate on maintaining your existing strength, not building. As your pregnancy progresses, really listen to your body and do ONLY what exercises you feel are comfortable – do NOT push yourself.

Do not do any pregnancy exercises that require you to lift overhead, lie on your back or press a lot of weight forward (i.e. leg press machine if you were at the gym).

Aim to do the majority of your exercises in a supported position, preferably sitting down or holding on to something stable – avoid lying on your back AFTER your third month unless you have a little upper body prop.

  1. Regardless of which workout you’re doing, ALWAYS ensure that you are well hydrated and fuelled.

Never exercise on an empty stomach or without water. Keep a water bottle with you at all times. And if you need a little extra boost, try adding a little fruit juice. And of course, stay close to the bathroom.

Just follow those basic guidelines and exercising through your pregnancy will be safe. Remember, pregnancy is NOT the time to push yourself that EXTRA MILE – you don’t want to look back with regret!

I developed Mama Moves specifically for mums and bubs workouts. It is somewhere that mums could get out into the fresh air with other like-minded mums and get moving. So instead of sitting around coffee shops and eating cakes you get to keep your baby close by while I put you through a body changing circuit catered to the needs of a post natal mum.

Through the evolution of Mama Moves I saw a huge need for pregnant women needing the guidance along their fitness journey also, so I created the space for personal training as I felt this market was better off with individual attention. If you need structure, guidance and help with a sensible and effective nutrition and exercise program, then joining and committing to Mama Moves workouts with Bondi Vixen will result in helping you to look and feel better and teach you to adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle pre and post bub.

Mama Moves helps you keep accountable to your training regimen while at the same time provide you with a positive outlet for the “bad day” blues.

Finally, and for most women going through these drastic body changes, what matters the most, admit it or not, is still looking and feeling confidently sexy in their own skin. For more info on getting started Pre or Post-Natal, contact us HERE.

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