European Summer 4 Week Body Blitz

Are you traveling overseas this Winter to indulge in a European Summer holiday? Then there’s no better time to get in shape than NOW!

Sign up to out 4WK European Summer Body Blitz starting Friday June 3rd to Friday July 1st.

What’s Included:

  • Unlimited classes over 4 weeks
  • European Summer Shred Plan
  • Goal Tracker PDF to set, track and smash your goals

Our upfront payment for 4 weeks is $300 in total or choose to pay weekly starting Friday June 3rd for $79 per week for 4 weeks.

Check out our Timetable Here

The Training

The Vixletix Method is designed to work the whole body, mind and heart. To best do this, we recommend taking a class from each pillar:


If you can fit all four pillars in each week, that’s called balance! But if not, expand the schedule to a time frame that works for you, or speak to Vix about your personal exercise regime over the 4 weeks so that you can get maximum impact in minimal time.

All you need to do is pre-book your classes to reserve your mat, show up 10 minutes before class start time to set up and warm up, bring your sweat towel and water bottle and get ready to transform the way you think and feel about exercise. Trust us, you are going to LOVE your workouts! They are unique, fun and all designed specifically for women with a maximum calorie burn!

The Meal Plan

Our European Summer Shred Plan is a simple to follow, easy to prepare, low carb, high protein, calorie controlled meal plan aimed to drop body fat and fuel muscle development for fast results. We like to keep things simple so as to not overwhelm you.

Just choose from 5 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack options each day, keeping preparation to a minimum and shopping super easy, as we know how busy life can be!

The plan is based on total calories per day, so we suggest aiming for a minimum of 1250 calories to a maximum of 1500 calories per day to be in SHRED mode. (If you have an active job aim for 1500, if you are mainly at a desk aim for 1250). This plan suits vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters.

However if you have special requirements, please feel free to chat to Vix for some extra guidance.

The Goal Tracker

Our Goal Tracker is a simple PDF that you can print out, fill out, stick on your fridge or desk for easy access, so you can keep your eyes on the prize. It will allow you to plan your week of training, track your measurements and tick off your classes after you attend. Keeping your progress visible and on target so you can reach your goals set out from the start. Awareness is key to change and everything you do in this program will give you long term tools to implement long after this program has finished.

This is all about planning to succeed. Success looks like this: Following the shred plan 100%, attending all classes you have pre-booked, filling out the goal tracker and following it and being open to change!

It all start with YOU! We have your back all the way. Are you ready?

Let’s get started

Want to ask a question about the European Summer Body Blitz? Drop us a line below:

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The Vixletix Method
The Vixletix Method
The Vixletix Method

About The Vixletix Method Classes


HIIT, but not as you know it. Through bursts of high intensity activity, our workout gets progressively more challenging. This dynamic circuit style workout results in total body cardio-conditioning. Elevating your overall fitness as well as coordination and endurance, we work with YBells, risers and your own body weight to get your heart pumping and body burning.

Up Top

Tailored to the arms, back, shoulders, chest and core, in this class we prioritise defining and shaping lean muscle, while torching maximum calories. The one aim of this class is to leave you feeling stronger. We slow down the reps so you can focus on lifting heavier weights. This style of workout also boosts the metabolism and strengthens the stabilising-muscle groups that prevent injury. Bonus.

Down Low

This class works the legs and booty to perfection. Using compound and isolation exercises, we target the glutes, quads, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs. We slow down the reps, add heavier YBells and risers and focus on form, shaping and strengthening everything from the hips down. Expect to walk out feeling stronger, and like you’ve burnt maximum calories. Because you have.


Join us barefoot on the mat, and prepare to lift, squeeze and crunch your way to a strong core and powerful booty using tight and targeted Pilates-inspired movements against decreasing intervals. Using booty bands, ankle weights and sliders, we start slow and controlled, up the pace and intensity in the middle, and finish fast for a final burn.

Yin Yoga

Where there’s Yang, there needs to be Yin. Specifically, Yin Yoga. In this relaxing class, we take postures for 3 to 5 minutes to really stretch the muscle groups and release tightness. A wholly restorative session, the slow pace allows time to reflect and listen to your body. The perfect way to reset after working hard.

Flow Yoga

Movement linked by breath, this dynamic style of yoga allows you to restore the body and feel your edges. As we flow through the Asana postures, breathing is our focus, leaning into strength and flexibility when it is challenged. This is for those who like to relax with movement rather than stillness.