Eat Breakfast!

Nov 24, 2014 | Diet, Fitness, Nutrition

So we have now arrived at the time where I am going to have to wake you up, shut face book down and switch the TV off. I may sound like your nagging mother but consider me your ‘Virtual Personal Trainer’. Just a hot tip though, I’m all about tough love. So if you feel offended in anyway, I apologise in advance and all I can say is “Toughen Up Princess”, because this love-hate relationship will definitely benefit you in the long run, even if you feel like putting me in a choke hold along the way 😉
Now the cold hard fact is, if you’re not eating breakfast every day you’re doing your metabolism and your entire body a complete disservice. Even skipping one day of breakfast can slow down your metabolism. Now, roll your eyes all you want but the truth is, you are forcing your body to get out of its comfort zone. Yes I do agree taking your body out of its comfort zone when it comes to exercise will result in BIG gains but this does NOT apply to your eating habits.
Suddenly, instead of receiving a generous helping of calories to start the day, your body gets nothing. So it does what any smart organism would do. It clings onto every gram of energy it can find. In order for your body to survive as long as possible, it goes into starvation mode and keeps a hold of calories while your metabolism slows down. Oh and believe me, it will do this no problems at all!
So to help your metabolism avoid functioning like disco night at the local nursing home, you need to eat a good breakfast that will fill you up fast and keep you feeling full longer, such as eggs or oats. By eating high satiety foods like this for breakfast, it will enable your metabolism to work at its peak and prevent your body from going into starvation or save-the-calories mode.
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