How to Dine Out when watching your Weight!

Jan 19, 2017 | Diet, Fitness, Nutrition

Its that time of year where motivation is HIGH and the lastest diet plan is at the forefront of your mind and grubbling tummy. However being able to eat out and live a ‘normal’ life is crucial to the success of you sticking to the plan and not depriving yourself of the simple luxuries in life, like socialising with your friends or going to social engagements. So here are 5 Easy Tips to take on board when dining out when on a weight loss program or watching your weight.

Restaurant Choice:

Making healthy choices starts with where you’re eating. When deciding where to go for dinner, try to go for restaurants that serve meals around whole grains, veggies, fats, and lean protein.

For example: Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Greek, and Indian typically have better-for-you option. Also, go for restaurants with menus that change seasonally, which indicates a focus on fresh, local produce.

Doggy Bag It:

How you order is as important as what you order. Portion sizes have grown by as much as 138% since the 70s, so take advantage of the growing portion sizes and order the super-sized entrée that you’ve been eyeing with the mindset that half of it will come home with you.

Stay Focused:

Whether you’re preoccupied with taking a snap of your decorative meal or scrolling through your newsfeed, distracted eating can lead to eating too much. When you’re not paying attention to your meal, you’re not tuned in to the signs that you’re full (or truly enjoying what you’re eating). Paying attention to a meal can result in eating less later in the day, so put that damn phone away and be more mindful when you eat.

Keep It to Smaller Groups:

We know you’re popular, so this might be tough, but you might consider curbing the number of people in your party if you’re trying to be a bit healthier. Studies have shown that the more people you dine with at the table, the more you eat.

Do your Research:

Part of the excitement of going out to eat is studying the menu front to back ahead of time to see what it has to offer and then you can plan your order. When you get to dinner, you won’t be swayed by what your friends are having. Did you know people tend to mimic the food choices of fellow diners. So if you’re prepared to select a healthier option, maybe your friends will too.

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