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The latest outbreak of coronavirus (COVID19) has a lot of people asking themselves: should I keep going to the gym?

The answer to that question depends on several factors:

  • Whether or not you are in an area under strict quarantine, Bondi currently isn’t however we are monitoring government regulations carefully.
  • If you are in a higher risk population, or
  • If you are caring for someone who is in a higher risk population

Some populations, such as those at higher risk for complications from COVID19, have been advised by health authorities to take extra precautions, which may mean staying at home. But for most people, sticking to their gym routine is still a good idea.

Going to the gym—or just exercising in general—is good for the immune system, can lower stress at a time where everyone is a little stressed, and can provide a much-needed dose of social support and camaraderie.

Initiatives we are undertaking to continue your training (in studio & at home)

  • Providing a clean safe environment inside the studio.
  • Daily Workouts emailed 8pm ready for the next day – included in your membership fees.
  • Personal Training one-on-one in studio or outside.
  • Outside Group Training Classes.

Privately Owned Boutique Studios Are Clean and Safe

Small Studios with less than 100 members such as Bondi Vixen are extremely low risk. We have taken all precautions to maintain thorough cleanliness on a daily basis. Here’s how:

  • We have increased our commercial cleaners to come in every 3 days to do a proper clean of everything including equipment, floors, and bench tops regularly.
  • All members have been asked to wipe down their mat and equipment after use. 
  • All members MUST BRING A TOWEL – no towel no workout! 
  • All members MUST wear their own boxing gloves. I have personally sourced gloves at a discount price of $40 for those needing to buy their own pair. Please ask your class trainer for a pair.
  • There is disinfectant spray located everywhere in studio for you to spray down equipment before and after use. The trainer will also spray equipment after everyone has left.
  • There is hand sanitizers in main exercise room and kitchen area to be used as often as you like.
  • If you are feeling off stay home until you feel better – there is no benefit in training when sick to you or anyone else.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth since this is how the virus gains entry into your body.

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT a commercial gym where foot traffic is well and truly over 100s of clients coming in and out all day/night and relying on individuals to correctly wipe down equipment. We have limited numbers, less foot traffic and approx 10 to 15 clients per class max. Plus staff will be spraying equipment regularly post class.

I have also capped classes to 15 and stopped ClassPass coming in to prevent more foot traffic.

Most experts agree that small boutique studios pose no specific threat compared to other areas of public gatherings like big chain gyms, malls, or grocery stores.  As long as we are open for business, it is important to remind you all of the health benefits of exercise – even and especially during times of stress, anxiety, and worry. 

Please know we are doing EVERYTHING to ensure safety and health of our clients and staff.

What should I do if I am in Mandatory Self Isolation due to COVID19?

If you find yourself in mandatory self isolation please contact immediately so we are aware of your status. From here we can discuss your training options.

If your account is already on time freeze and you would like to join the at home program we will re-instate your membership and send you the daily workouts.

What are my training options if I don’t want to come into the studio (either Mandatory or self imposed Isolation).

Your health and fitness is important to us and just because you can’t make it to the gym doesn’t mean that your training needs to go out the window either. We have developed a Daily Workout Plan for all members who find themselves not able to attend the studio in person. These workouts are HIIT Based full body workouts delivered to your email each night at 8pm ready to roll for the next day. The workouts are designed to use body weight only however if you have weights at home then please add for extra resistance.

These workouts are included in your regular membership, no need to put your membership on hold or any additional cost, just let us know and we will add you to the program. We already have 28 Days of workouts built out for you complete with video demonstrations with many more available in the pipeline.

I’m not in strict self isolation but I want to distance myself from Group Training – is there other options?

We totally get it, everyone’s circumstances are different and I can understand those with high risk family members may want to exclude themselves a little more. We have two different options to continue your training with us.

  • Personal Training Packages with Vix – this is one-on-one with Vix. Enjoy the use of the studio to yourself, Vix will ensure any equipment selected has be sprayed prior to use and hand sanitizer is available to both of you.
  • Small Group Fitness Classes outdoors – we have the ability to take our classes outside in the fresh air, equipment free and bring your own exercise mat. This way you are avoiding touching any equipment and have fresh air circulating. We are considering this option Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings – please advise if you would like this.

Will the Studio close? And if it does what happens to my membership?

Bondi Vixen will remain open and business as usual until the Government Regulations tell us to stop, only then will Bondi Vixen close it’s doors so please don’t worry, we will be here as long as humanly possible.

IF the worse happens all members will be switched to our Home Workout program which already has 28 days of workouts built in, all with video demonstrations. We have an extensive library of workout videos that can literally keep you going for months (not that we hope to use it). So rest assured we have got you covered to stay fit during isolation.

Are you looking for an online solution? CLICK HERE, complete the form and we will be in touch.On a final note, we get that everyone is nervous about the current economic situation. The next few weeks will really show the extent of what is to come. Let’s not panic and take one day at a time together. Let’s use the Vixen’s Facebook Group to communicate with each other and make sure we are looking out for each other. If you do the home workouts post them and show us how you are tracking.

If you would like to discuss your options please reply to the text you just received, contact the office on 9386 1473, email or

We’ve got this Vixens

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