Could you have SPPT Syndrome?

Jan 4, 2016 | Diet, Fitness, HIIT, Nutrition

Could you have SPPT Syndrome?

Its common and its out there, lurking around the hood. You may not have it but I am confident enough to put $100 where my mouth is, that you have a friend with SPPT Syndrome.

Ok, Ok well what the hell is it you ask?

Well in layman terms it means Semi-Private Personal Training Syndrome.  Actually its not really a syndrome, I made it up. But here’s why…Yes group training is all the rage and all the uber riding, cool peeps that you know do it.

But what about the small percentage of people that love the idea of having expert help in achieving their health and fitness goals, however the thought of doing it next to super fit, toned women makes them gag? Maybe these people need the support and guidance in their journey to becoming one of these super fit toned women but group training is just not their bag.

They could be a little more reserved, they may hate the thought of sweaty people in close proximity to them, they may have a pre-existing injury or medical condition that needs extra supervision. The reasons are unlimited really and at the end of the day it could just be a choice they make because of their status or job.

So if group training isn’t for everyone then what’s the next best thing? Shall I give you a hint? BINGO! It’s Semi-Private Personal Training.

Semi-Private Personal Training is basically training multiple people at the same time, normally anywhere from 2 to 4 MAX in the group.  Each person is doing their own personalized workout, but the trainer is managing the session and guiding each person through their own workout.

It’s not done by having a WOD (workout of the day) as we do in group classes.  This is PERSONAL training.  There’s nothing personal about a WOD.  Since you may have anywhere between 2-4 different routines going on at the same time, understanding how to progress and regress each client is vital. So you need to go to an expert for this service.

Generally the session has within the small group, friends, co-workers, or spouse which helps improve confidence, accountability and performance rate during the training.

Since the number of trainees is small, the trainer is able to track the progress of each client effectively, and is able to help them achieve their individual goals or objectives they have commonly set.

Semi-Private Personal Training is also a cost-effective way for you to experience the benefits of working with your trainer (us) individually if you can’t afford a One on One PT session.

What we have found it, when you start exercising in a small group, relationships are established and you make friends with other like-minded women in the group if you haven’t already formed your own group— which helps you stick to your training on a regular basis.

Our SPPT sessions are challenging, fun and create a spirit of friendship among the group.

This style of training combines the two most important reasons that our Bikini ATHLETIX program was developed and that’s combining Female Functional Fitness in a Team Environment!

The sessions are 50 minutes in duration and each client has access to our support 24/7. We ensure your individual goals are met through an initial one on one Fitness Consult then we can plan your training and ensure it fits well with a group of women of similar goals.

If you have a group of friends and would like your own private group, this can also be organised from mothers groups (BYO Bub) to work colleagues to family members.  It’s a fantastic way to get fit and enjoy working out with your crew at the same time!

All you have to do is purchase a Semi-Private Personal Training Pack and book any of our 715am or 730pm sessions on the Timetable. If you prefer a different time slot or you would like to organise your own group then CONTACT us direct and we can schedule a time that suits you!

For more info on our Semi-Private Personal Training services see HERE!

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