conquer 28 challenge

Get ready for a total body challenge 

Next challenge launching 21st October 2019

Bondi Vixen believes that all women, regardless of age, size and fitness level, have the power to transform their lives — they just need the correct resources to do so.


The CONQUER 28 Challenge promotes a structured approach to CONQUERING your limits via a combination of super clean eating, consistent exercise tailored to the female body and a stack of support and accountability via personal fitness consults, weekly motivational emails and a private group forum. This 28 day challenge offers everything you need to be successful in exceeding your goals.


Get ready for a Total Body Fitness Challenge that will help you tone and define in just 28 days! This 4 Week Program *guarantees results. How? Well the answer is simple.


Through a combination of strength & conditioning, cardio & HIIT workouts, and some flexibility training - this challenge will, without a doubt, get you back on the road to success. We suggest you work out a minimum of 6 days per week, with one rest day (Sunday). Follow the SHRED Plan for ultimate results and open yourself up to our Mindset Overhaul via weekly motivation emails.


Every round we will be celebrating a WINNER!


So, if you want to not only exceed your goals but also win a Vixen apparel pack, then here’s what we recommend:

  1. Attend a comination of resistance, cardio & flexibility classes each week
  2. ZERO No Shows! Stay committed to your booked classes. 
  3. Follow the SHRED Plan 100%
  4. Read your weekly motivational emails
  5. Interact with fellow CONQUER 28’ers


*Please Note only 1 winner per round. 


Simply put, there is no substitute for external motivation and personalised coaching from a real expert who's achieved see-it-in-the-mirror results for other clients just like you. It's the biggest secret to success. Just give us the chance and we'll prove that to you (you'll be amazed by the results).


For ONLY $10.67 per day, ask yourself - is what you’re doing today getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?

conquer your fears, limitations & ultimate goals in 28 days!



  • Access to Unlimited Classes
  • Mindset Overhaul to Change Self Sabotaging Behaviour
  • Exclusive CONQUER 28 SHRED Plan
  • Personal Consult & Fitness Assessments Day 1 & 28


We only have one agenda, and that's to help you achieve your Health and Fitness goals. We love women who know what they want and will pull out all the stops to get the results they deserve. If you truly want success then step one is getting clear on your goals and then committing to achieve them with our support.

We are excited to have you join our exclusive community of women who see the value in leading an active lifestyle and being a positive role model for all women.

Vixen Members pay just $99 ADD-ON for the Challenge

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Our Community of Local Women - CONQUERING their Health & Fitness!


*Disclaimer: Results from the Conquer 28 Challenge will vary person to person.