Change your BODY, Change your MIND!

Oct 21, 2016 | Diet, Fitness, HIIT, Nutrition


Training is one of the best ways to strengthen your mindset. To prepare yourself for whatever life throws your way. With 67 women currently going through our 21 Day Challenge, many who started simply wanted to get back on the ban wagon, lose a little weight or improve their fitness.

Now we are down one week, many have already taken on a new lease of life. Became surprised by what they could achieve in such a short period of time with the right guidance and support. How many sets they finished in a set time, how fast they progressed, how much their bodies are already starting to change. Realizing this has made them proud. And suddenly, our 21 Day Challenge has not only changed their body,it changed their mind and strengthened their willpower. As a results this has made them more confident, decisive and happy.

This is your chance to drive the change you want to happen. To get your mind and body in the shape of your life. Because the only thing standing in between you and your goal is yourself. Start training with Bondi Vixen right NOW, become the maker of your fate and change your life for the better.

The best moments in life come down to the way we feel: our health, energy levels and positivity. And it is your nutrition which determines this. What you eat can make you feel better, happier and full of energy. Or it can tear you down. Leave you tired, heavy and with the unpleasant feeling of a full stomach.

Our 21 Day Challenge was designed to introduce you to a healthy, active lifestyle. It includes a strict but manageable SHRED Plan with a variety of nutritious, delicious meals created for max impact in minimal time. No matter if you want to lose weight, build muscle or just live healthier.

Don’t listen to your mind when it tells you that you can’t do a burpee, that you can’t run a lap of the beach, that you can’t enjoy a healthy meal when eating out. Of course you can. And you will on our most popular Summer program in Bondi! As long as you give it a try.

Change is hard in the beginning, messy in the middle but worth it at the end.

“I am really enjoying the way you are running this program. I did another program last year and it was so unorganised and messy. Love the circuit style classes where we do as much as we can in the time allocated. I have never liked group classes cause I can’t keep up – especially when starting out and get despondent. I have been to 3 classes this week so far and now want to do more! Bring on week 2!”

Next Challenge runs on November 28th and it’s a SELL OUT Program EVERY TIME. But for now trial us for 7 days for only $20 by click HERE


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