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HOW to really CHANGE your Body!

This Monday we roll out our popular 12 week Winter Booty Camp for the season. STILL DECIDING IF ITS FOR YOU? Well here’s a something to think about…. Want to know WHY we get such MAX results in a MINIMAL amount of time?

Hot Tips you need to know this Winter!

A chilly morning (like today!) is a sure sign that winter is coming, but it doesn’t mean that you totally embrace the extra layers and let it all hang out underneath. Unless you have been hiding under the sheets way too long, you would be well-aware that eating less and exercising more is one of the simplest and most proven strategies for weight loss. But here are 3 HOT tips this winter that could help you fit into those skinny jeans all winter long!

Learn to LOVE a Morning Workout!

There’s a reason the word ‘exercise’ is so often followed by the word ‘routine’: When it comes to fitness, we’re creatures of habit. But there is ample research to support the idea that change can bring significant benefits to your body. And you can train yourself to accept change. Yes, You Can Learn To Love A Workout.

Blending Training Modalities for Best Results!

Looking at the people who come top of the pile in terms of strength, performance and physique, you’d be incorrect for thinking if you want to lose fat, get lean, or even build muscle, you have to specialize in one particular type of training.
And when I say specialize I mean sticking to just to one form of exercise and spending all your time focusing your efforts on one goal and one form of training (eg: the gym).
They say variety is the spice of life, and this is very true than when talking about training.