Ready to Get Fit? Try the first Female Focused Gym in Bondi

Looking for a sustainable approach to your health and fitness whilst training in a female only environment? Then you’ll find your tribe when you join Bondi Vixen’s functional fitness classes, the first Female only Gym in Bondi. Our talented fitness trainers know how to get you moving to build strength in body and mind for a total transformation.

What We Offer at Bondi Vixen

From personal training to nutritional counselling to mindfulness, Bondi Vixen boasts a range of fitness offerings including these popular group fitness classes.

  • Strength & Cardio  Training in Bondi – Our early origins saw us pioneering outdoor bootcamp classes on Bondi Beach, and like all great women, we have grown and evolved over the years, now providing our Vixens a more comprehensive fitness offering at our boutique female-only fitness studio located in the heart of Bondi.


  • Barre and Pilates in Bondi – Our Barre-Pilates classes offer head-to-toe toning with a focus on core stability and alignment for a fat-burning, full-body workout. We combine elements of barre classes and mat pilates to target booty, legs, arms, and abs, strengthening muscles while elongating them to promote flexibility, recovery, and a lean body.


  • Yoga in Bondi – To complement our high-energy, physically-taxing workouts, yin yoga classes promote relaxation and mind-body connection through a series of long-hold, deep-stretch yoga poses. Gain flexibility and bring calm to your life with yoga at Bondi.


What You Can Expect from Bondi Vixen Circuit Training in Sydney  

Bondi Vixen offers a variety of circuit training classes in Sydney, from our beach bootcamps to HIIT and functional circuits to classes focused on muscle groups such as your upper and lower body.

  • Burn Fat – Circuit training is a proven workout for burning fat. HIIT classes are especially suited to toning and trimming women’s bodies by combining rapid bursts of high-intensity cardio and strength movements that stimulate your metabolic rate, torch calories, and build muscle.


  • Sculpt Muscles – Speaking of muscles, circuit training classes are ideal for sculpting lean muscle using carefully-targeted, strength-building moves targeting various muscle groups in the body using weights or body resistance. The more muscle that you build, and the more fat that you burn, the stronger you feel—and the better you look!


  • Improve Strength and Stamina – Circuit classes, particularly functional cardio and HIIT classes, will improve your strength and stamina. Combining the best of cardio fitness with strength training, you will slowly build your endurance and energy while gradually increasing your weight-bearing capacity as you progress and improve your total fitness and health.


What Women Stand to Gain from Bondi Vixen Fitness Studio

Bondi Vixen offers real fitness for real women with the latest training techniques and equipment backed by thirty years of experience guiding women of all ages to healthier, wellness-focused lifestyles. Founder and CEO Vix Erber is a Master Functional Trainer and fitness expert with decades of experience designing training programs for women to help them feel attractive and confident with a more grounded mindset and a stronger body. 

At Bondi Vixen, women from age 20 to 50-plus can find a community in which they are empowered to work towards personal fitness goals with clean eating and functional workouts designed for the female body. Learn to reduce stress and improve your well-being in an uplifting environment. 

Ready for a fitness revolution? Contact us to see how we can guide you to a healthier, happier you.