Find Your Fitness Tribe at a Bondi Gym with Workouts for Real Women

If you’re ready to make lasting changes for health and happiness, then you’re ready to join the tribe of like-minded women training at a Bondi gym. We’re female-focused functional workout trainers empowering women to unleash the fit, fierce women who have been inside them all along. 

Whether you want to work on toning, agility, overall fitness, or strength and mobility, you’ll find a workout for your needs at Bondi Vixen. 

About Your New Bondi Beach Gym

Bondi Vixen is a fitness studio and nutritionist in Bondi that started with one woman: founder and fitness expert Vixen Erber. Today, Bondi Vixen provides bootcamp training for women in the heart of Bondi that has evolved into something much greater. 

  • Female-Only Fitness Studio – Our studio is by and for women looking for a healthier lifestyle. We empower women by helping them to reach the level of fitness that they aspire to reach. We believe in building strong bodies, confidence, and healthy minds at any age.


  • Functional Fitness – Our specialty is functional fitness and circuit training designed to build lean muscle and tone the female body, complemented by boxing, yoga, pilates, and barre classes. Your fitness plans match your age and ability.


  • Total Health and Wellness – Creating a healthy, fit lifestyle is about more than just exercising. With decades of experience, we know how small changes can evolve into a total health transformation and diet and nutrition is a key part of that. We offer nutritional support tailored to each individual and health supplements to complement and deepen women’s sense of well-being from the inside out.


Why Trust Bondi Vixen Regarding Bondi Fitness

Bondi Vixen is real fitness for real women. The three core elements of wellness are the pillars of our approach to empowering women to live their best lives. 

  • What You Do – You can achieve a strong, toned body and physical fitness with effective training. It’s not about punishing yourself or pushing until you break—you can achieve rapid results with the right moves, customised to your body, and abilities that evolve with you.


  • What You Eat – You need to fuel your body with foods that provide sustained energy and nutrition so that you can feel powerful and energised during your workouts, not hungry and weak. You can’t achieve healthy eating and fitness with fad diets but rather with a commitment to respecting your body by choosing whole foods that nourish you and support your fitness.


  • How You Feel – Mindset is the third and maybe the most important pillar of our approach to empowering women to feel their best. Managing stress, building confidence, and developing mental strength are the foundations of any healthy lifestyle, allowing you to move fluidly through life with grace and power.


The Best Bondi Gym

Since 1991 Bondi Vixen has been mentoring women through meaningful lifestyle transformations with functional fitness workouts and clean eating plans designed to build strength in body and mind for women of all ages and abilities. Offering personal training, nutritional counselling, and group fitness classes at Bondi Beach and our studio, our trainers will help you to build strength and endurance through workouts designed specifically for the female body. 

Whether in-studio or on the beach, we offer boutique group training with functional circuit training, boxing, pilates, barre, and yoga, using cutting-edge techniques and equipment designed by and for women. Achieve real results through a balanced and holistic exercise regime.   

Ready for a transformation with your new Bondi gym? Contact us to talk about your fitness goals and how we can help.