Benefits of Outdoor Training

Sep 25, 2015 | Fitness, HIIT

Who wants to train outdoors when indoors is so much more convenient, comfortable and climate controlled? If you, like most other people, spend around 8 hours a day in the office, 5 days a week, then you’re missing out on all the benefits of being out in the fresh air.

An outdoor workout will leave you feeling more energetic, enthusiastic and alive. As well as this, it leads to a positive outcome. Making your workout much more likely to be consistent and regular. And there are even more scientific benefits: training outside in the sun provides vitamin D, essential to strong bones and a healthy immune system. The air outside is cleaner. This will improve your breathing technique which then increases stamina, vital for completing a workout like Vixen MAX or Athletix CONDITIONING.

Scenery also makes a big difference. The more you enjoy your surroundings, the more it will take your mind off how long or hard you’ve been training for. Nature has been said to lower blood pressure and stress. Much better than staring at a wall or TV screen right? Did you also know that the surface on which you train can have a positive effect on your body? Training on all types of surfaces, for example, grass, tarmac, gravel and sand strengthens your body and helps prevent any future injury. Remember don’t be afraid to run or train on the beach. It might be more strenuous, but it also utilizes more muscles which means results come faster!

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