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Sep 28, 2015 | Fitness, HIIT

Training on the beach is great, but the question is…is it better than the gym?

Let’s face it gyms can be crowded, dark, dust filled and cost intensive if you don’t visit them frequently. Where-as outdoor training on the beach provides you with sunlight and fresh air and an environment that can intensify any workout.

Here are a few different situations or scenarios where someone would benefit from this type of training.

  • If you are bored or have hit a plateau
  • If you want to drop fat weight and develop muscle
  • If you are going on a holiday and want a do anywhere program to follow while away
  • If you want to compete in beach sports
  • Or simply want to be healthier than you are right now.

Beach training, with the combination of the sun, the wind, the water and the sand, offers training stimuli that cant be obtained in ANY OTHER WAY:

So I put together a short list of my number one reasons for deciding to be a beach trainer and why my clients get such great results in a short amount of time

  • There are strong indications that beach training is more effective than indoor training to promote fat loss.
  • Sprinting or running on the beach will spare ankles, knees and simultaneously make muscles “scream for mercy”.
  • It’s scientifically proven that barefoot movements are superior to any sports shoes.
  • Water resistance is an incredibly effective training tool for developing strength and power.
  • Beach and outdoor training allows those who spend the better part of the day inside, in an office, to take advantage of the amazing health benefits of the sun and the fresh air – and prevent all the diseases linked to lack of Vitamin D.
  • With beach or outdoor training there are NO membership fees, NO waiting for equipment and NO rush hour traffic.

Expect your body to react differently to a beach workout. It’s a different training mode. Walking on soft sand is excellent, but it’s a much more difficult workout. When running, you’re going to have to spend a little more time stretching because it’s going to put extra stress on the Achilles tendon [at the back of your lower leg] because of the soft sand.

Your muscles have a tendency to accommodate your workout so if you’re doing the same routine all the time, it gets stale, and you don’t get the gains a lot of people are looking for. This is a way to keep things new, fresh, and challenging. It puts the fun back into the workout

In Bondi working out at the beach is common practice. Too many people think of working out at the gym as the only way to exercise. Certainly the beach offers the option to be outside and enjoy your workout as opposed to thinking of it as a punishment. The nice thing is you can do cross-training at the beach easily. You can add running, walking in soft sand, and swimming [to your routine], and you can combine this with our Atheltix STRENGTH and CONDITIONING classes for the ultimate weekly exercise regime.

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