ATHLETIX Whey Protein & Weight Loss

Feb 20, 2016 | Diet, Fitness, Nutrition

Why are we so excited about our NEW formulation ATHLETIX Whey Natural Protein?
Well firstly it can help you lose weight in more ways than one. This 100% natural WPI (whey protein isolate) will reduce hunger and cravings, increase your metabolism and promotes lean muscle recovery. At the same time, it lowers bad cholesterol levels and supports cardiovascular health.

There has been several studies to prove dieters using whey protein lost significantly more fat and showed a greater preservation of muscle compared to those who took other nutritional supplements.

ATHLETIX Whey Natural Protein accelerates fat loss by increasing muscle protein synthesis. It also stimulates fatty acid oxidation and reduces hunger. Research indicates that glycomacropeptide, a compound in whey protein, stimulates cholecystokinin production. Cholecystokinin is a peptide hormone that aids in the digestion of fat and protein, and creates the feeling of fullness experienced after eating, known as satiety. Studies have shown that consuming whey protein can reduce the desire for late night snacking by 50%, and cravings by 60%.

ATHLETIX Whey Natural Protein also regulates blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity. These factors play a key role in weight loss. Insulin resistance has been linked to fatigue, weight gain, increased hunger and poor nutrient absorption.

But even better than all of the above, other studies have shown that those who consume whey protein as part of their diet, burn an extra 80 to 100 calories a day without changing their exercise routine! In addition to its ability to improve immune function, increase bone density and lower blood pressure, the benefits of having ATHLETIX Whey Natural Protein as part of a clean eating diet are evident and prove that it is great for weight loss.

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