Abs are Made in the Kitchen

Jun 3, 2016 | Uncategorized

Just because Winter is here doesn’t mean letting yourself go because no one can see your body covered by all those layers of clothes. Did you know this is the ideal time to work on your 6-pack and Summer body?

If you want to achieve a perfectly toned tummy, ready to display at any point and feel proud of them, Winter is the ideal time to work on them. I have put together some ideas and tips to help you get those abs everyone will “wow” at, plus you’ll be ready to show off come the warmer weather.  Remember everything takes time so the 12 weeks of winter is an ideal time-frame.

Believe it or not, stripping away belly fat can actually be easy. My favourite moto is Eat Clean and Train Mean to Look Lean however if you reduce stress in your life and move like a warrior, you can quickly lose your belly bulge and gain some midriff muscle. Of course losing weight all over also helps you get defined abs because most of us have them, it’s often just a case of finding it under a layer of tummy fat.

Heard that saying ‘Abs are made in the Kitchen”? As well as exercising regularly you also need to eat your way to a tighter mid section. So here’s a selection of foods I recommend to fight belly fat:

Chia seeds – they contains more Omega-3 fatty acids than salmon and more fibre than flax seed as well as a wealth of antioxidants and minerals. Mix them into shakes or sprinkle over salads or yoghurt.

Eggs – a great source of protein to help you build muscle, and they keep you feeling fuller for longer. Be sure to eat the yolk as it contains lots of nutrients, including vitamin B12 which helps to metabolise fat.

Green tea – speeds up your metabolism and increases fat burning. It contains catechin; a compound which boosts energy expenditure, increases the release of fat from cells, and speeds up the livers ability to burn fat. Be sure to have a cup after breakfast and lunch for optimum effectiveness.

Coconut oil – helps with weight loss, eases digestive problems, strengthens immunity and keeps cholesterol levels healthy. You can cook with it, pour it over anything from salads to eggs, add it to green tea or even rub it all over your body to moisturise your skin.

So give this a go and see how making a few simple changes in the kitchen can make a big difference in your mid section. Need some extra help? Try our 10 Day Cleanse Intensive Plan to Clean out your gut and and Flatten your belly!

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