Meet ‘Bondi Vixen’



With close to 30 years industry experience, Vix Erber has been driven by a passion for Health and Fitness from a very early age. Born and bred in Bondi Beach, she established Bondi Vixen to empower women and help them achieve an active lifestyle and dream body to match.

Being a Master Functional Trainer is only the start of her long list of qualifications. With experience in everything from Pilates, Boxing, Kickboxing, Pre-Post Natal Fitness, Women’s Health and Nutrition, Vix acts as a Fitness Coach, Leader and Mentor for every woman that enters the world of Bondi Vixen.

Vix is extremely proud to be the Pioneer of Women’s Fitness on Bondi Beach. Not only does she lead a lot of the group classes on the timetable, she also makes herself available for private personal training sessions and mentoring. She is extremely hands-on, designing every workout and class with 100% dedication and expertise. All Vixen Trainers are specifically hand-picked and the best of the best. She not only mentors her clients but new-recruit Trainers that come on board too.

The Bondi Vixen Method (Bikini ATHLETIX) has been developed by Vix, from a desire to create a system that would change the way women exercise and lead an active lifestyle. It’s always been very important to Vix that fitness training be delivered in a unique, engaging and innovative way. This is exactly the reason why Bikini ATHLETIX was born.

It takes the best elements of what has revolutionised the fitness industry over the past few years and been reshaped to work perfectly to suit a woman whose age ranges from early 20s to late 50s. This program has been developed specifically for smart, savvy females who see their fitness training as an investment, not an expense – who understand the value of working with an expert in the field and who realise that to live a healthy, fulfilled and long life, you must maintain a consistent female functional fitness regime that covers all aspects from nutrition, exercise and mind set.

As an expert in Women’s Transformations, it was clear what was missing in the fitness arena for most women. As Vix sees it, Bootcamps, Crossfit and other similar franchise type facilities really don’t cater for what women really NEED and WANT to achieve great success in health and fitness.

There are much better and safer ways (plus more effective methods) mentally and physically to achieve great results and that comes with a very personalised approach, huge support, vital accountability and complete structure.

As one of Sydney’s most popular and well-known Fitness Trainers, Vix is often referred to as ‘Personal Trainer Royalty’ with past appearances as a Fitness Presenter on nationwide TV, including Channel 10’s Breakfast Show, Studio 10, Channel 9’s The Today Show and the Kerrie-Anne Kennerly Show. Vix also spent over 3 years sharing her Health and Fitness advice via her very own Fitness and Lifestyle Radio Show ‘Body Talk’ on Bondi Beach Radio which she produced and hosted.

Ranked as one of Australia’s top 5 Personal Trainers in 2014 by Ultra Fitness Magazine, Vix has a history of judging Bikini Model competitions plus had write ups in most magazines on the market, including Women’s Health, Oxygen and Cosmo Beauty.
In between all this she’s found time to develop her own range of Protein Powder called Athletix WHEY, Fat Burner called Athletix LEAN, Diet Plan Ebooks and Vixen Apparel, all available on the shop page.