9 EASY ways for Teens to find time to Workout!

Sep 21, 2017 | Fitness

Study Time got your Teen all shook up? Well RELAX we have the solution! There is NOTHING better for a teen during exam time or #schoollife than to sweat it out with her girlfriends! Not only does it Relieve STRESS, Increase CONFIDENCE, Boost Energy and Skyrocket Co-ordination it also provides a platform to meet new friends and bond with like minded young girls.

Struggling to get your Teen to a Workout? Well we got you covered! Here are 9 tips to get your Teen to SWEAT IT OUT!

  1. Set your ALARM early – by working out in the morning, you’ve already ticked off working out off of your schedule.


  1. Sneak in a workout during LUNCH BREAK – During lunch time, try to walk around the school with friends rather than sitting down.


  1. Do it with FRIENDS – Every Tuesday and Thursday at 430pm, join #GirlSquad Training and make a date with friends so you can all work out together at our Bikini ATHLETIX Studio .


  1. Power Climb up STAIRS – whether it’s at school or at home, run up the stairs for a quick workout.


  1. POWER WALK to school –Instead of leisurely walking to school, power walk to school.


  1. Get off the bus EARLY –If you live too far away from school to power walk, catch your bus but get off a few stops early, this way you can still power walk to school and be on time.


  1. CLEAR TIME in your schedule –Simply free up some of your down time to workout


  1. Buy a FIT BIT – buying a fit bit will help you keep your daily number of steps up


  1. Make your workout FUN –Do something that you like to do so you keep it as a priority, whether that’s doing our #GirlSquad Classes with friends or running on the beach.


Want more info on our #GirlSquad Training? Contact us HERE to get your Teen moving!

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