5 Steps to achieving your Goals!

Sep 27, 2016 | Diet, Fitness, HIIT, Nutrition

If you’re not happy with your body then your workouts have lost focus. What is your immediate goal?

If you don’t have a ready answer then chances are high that your motivation is low and it has resulted in a lack of results.
I know from first hand experience that operating without a goal will get you nowhere. Sure, you may still be exercising regularly and eating mindfully but without that concrete goal your efforts will yield little results.

Here are 5 Simple Steps for Achieving Any Goal:

1. Setting your Goal: You want to be in “better shape” but that’s so vague. Dig deeper. What specifically do you wish you had now that you don’t?

2. Define your Timeline: Now that you’ve determined exactly what part of your body isn’t up to par, tie that goal in with a specific timeline. When you have a timeline to measure your progress against, you’ll find that achieving your goal becomes an easier process.

3. Name your Prize: It’s time to take your motivation to the next level. Now that your specific goal is set and your timeline is clearly defined, let’s add a prize that you’ll receive once you’ve accomplished your goal.

4. Picture It: You know what you want, when you want it by, and the reward you’ll get by achieving it. Now spend time picturing your end goal. Find a comfortable, quiet corner, close your eyes and see a mental movie – starring yourself – enjoying your reward with your new and improved body.

5. Recipe for Success: The steps that you’ve taken above have prepared you to mentally take on the challenge of motivating yourself through this transformation process. All that remains is a solid exercise and nutrition plan to push you through to your new body.

This is where we come in. Our 21 Day Challenge covers EVERY area stated above.

First step is our Goal Setting Session so we are CLEAR on what you want to achieve before we begin.

Second step is time-frame, 21 days is all it takes to create CHANGE and drop any bad or unhealthy habits that dont serve you.

Third step is reward and our best transformation over the 21 days will win a Bondi Bather Bikini.

Forth step is visualisation. Being an accredited Life Coach and Mentor, this area is covered with our daily mindset work that is part of the program to create REAL CHANGE.

YES! We cover the Exercise, Nutrition (SHRED Plan) and Mindset Training over 21 Days.

This program will propel each and every Vixen through their own personal body transformation.

Click HERE for more info and lets make your goals a reality!

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