4 Simple Vixen Exercises for Hot Summer Legs!

Nov 23, 2017 | Fitness, HIIT

Are you self-conscious about your legs?

Do you dread the thought of wearing shorts, let alone a bikini?

Maybe you think your calves are too skinny or you hate that your thighs rub together and your butt jiggles when you walk.

Whatever you don’t like about your legs, it isn’t going to fix itself. So how can you fix it? Include strength training for your lower body in your regular routine.

To sculpt and tone your legs, try the following 4 exercises 2 to 3 times a week and see the difference they make. You’ll be showing off those legs in no time!

#1: The Lunge

Arguably the best leg exercise, the lunge works pretty much every leg muscle as well as your butt. There are many variations to the simple lunge, but to do the basic lunge, stand up straight and tighten your core.

Step forward several feet with your right foot, landing heel first. Bend your right and left leg down until both legs are bent at 90 degrees (never more) and your left knee is about an inch above the floor. Make sure your knee doesn’t extend further than your toes. Keep your body upright and work to keep your balance by not wobbling from side to side. Lift your body up and bring your hips forward until you’re standing straight again. Then repeat lunging forward with your left foot. Repeat for 20 repetitions in total.

#2: The Plie Squat

Another awesome full-leg workout is the plie squat. This powerhouse of an exercise works your glutes, hips and inner/outer thighs all in one hit.

Here’s how to do a Plie Squat. Stand with feet wider than hip width apart and turn your toes out to 45 degrees. Bend your knees so your thighs are parallel to the ground (low enough to touch the ground) then as you straighten your legs, stand up tall and reach for the sky. Repeat without resting for 20 repetitions.

#3: The Mountain Climber

This leg/core exercise mimics the movement of climbing a steep mountain. The faster you climb (move your legs) the more of a cardio workout you’ll get as well.

Get in a push-up position: hands and toes on the floor holding up your body. Holding in your abs, lift your right foot, bringing your right knee toward your chest. Tap the floor with your right foot then extend your leg back to starting position. Then lift your left leg, bring your left knee up toward your chest and tap the floor. Return to starting position. Repeat alternating legs for 20 repetitions each leg.

#4: The Step-Up

Step-ups are great because they mimic movements you perform on a daily basis (functional). This exercise works your legs and gets your heart pumping. When you do this exercise you can hold a dumbbell in each hand to increase resistance. In addition, you’ll need some sort of step. This could be a bottom stair, sturdy box, or low stable bench.

Step up with your right foot, and then bring your left knee up towards your chest. Step back down so both feet are on the floor. Then repeat stepping up first with your left foot. Continue for 20 repetitions in total.

Body Conditioning or ‘Resistance Training’ in a circuit style is the best method of exercise for reshaping your body and burning excess body fat. The more lean muscle your body has, the more efficient you are at burning body fat and increasing your metabolism. This is achieved through training your body against resistance, whether it is your own body weight, using kettlebells or sand/powerbags. Performing a total body conditioning program in a circuit style is an excellent way to simultaneously improve mobility, strength and stamina.

Our Female Functional Fitness Classes are all jam packed with different total body circuits, each class containing Bikini Body specific exercises that are completed using different HIIT methods for maximum effect in minimal time.

All Vixen workouts target the 4 major muscle groups of your body. Your metabolism, energy levels and results are dramatically affected when these 4 muscle groups are worked since they comprise of the majority of the muscle mass on your body. These are lower body, upper body, core and abdominals.

Our workouts are focused on sculpting the ultimate female body and along with the tips and results driven information provides you with a mind and body fitness program that not only helps you create your best body ever, but also helps you feel mentally and emotionally balanced, strong and re-energised!

If you live in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney come train with the Vixens on Bondi Beach OR in our Boutique Studio in the HEART of Bondi! Click HERE to book our Intro Offer of 3 classes for ONLY $20!

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