4 HOT Tips for Morning Workouts!

Jan 25, 2016 | Fitness, HIIT

Its barely sun rise and it’s time to leap out of bed and throw on your Active Wear! What do you mean you’re too tired and hitting the snooze button? Then why did you set your alarm to go off so early this morning? If you’re struggling to get the most out of your morning classes, you’re not alone. Finding the motivation before we’ve even smelled the first coffee of the day can be tough. With the right planning, your sun rise sessions can be something to look forward to, not a chore. It all starts the night before…

1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Exercising in the morning gets your body into a great routine: active during the day, then restful at night. A good night’s sleep will aid muscle repair and help you wake up feeling refreshed. You may be a little slow to start, but once you get up, you’ll feel alert and ready to smash out a Vixen session!

2. Snooze Buttons are for the Weak

“Just ten more minutes.” And then another 2 more hits of the button. Do you ever feel more refreshed after ten minutes of additional sleep? Of course not – you’re too paranoid about your alarm going off again. If you’re struggling to get out of bed when your alarm goes off, maybe you should think about going to bed earlier, or even better place your alarm clock on the other side of the bed so you have to get up to turn it off!

3. Pre­paration

Have your workout clothes all laid out and ready to go the night before. That way, all you need to do is get up, wash your face, brush your teeth and you’re good to go! Less time getting ready = more time getting fit.

4. Workout Buddies

Everyone knows that working out is more fun and more effective in a group. Especially early morning sessions, you’ll be very grateful for the comradery and company. Having workout buddies will prevent you from cancelling sessions when you’re having one of those mornings when sleep feels more appealing than roundhouse kicks and push ups.

So that’s 4 awesome tips that will absolutely help any snoozers out there! Or better yet join the Vixens if you want to have us keep you accountable. YES, its our job to not only get you in the best shape of your life but to also instill good habits into your daily life… FOREVER!

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