28 Days Of Conquering Your Fitness Goals!

Sep 17, 2019 | Fitness, Health, Nutrition

When it comes to fitness and working out often there can be hurdles to overcome. Firstly, there is getting into a routine when you aren’t a ‘gym’ person and then there is all that fear. Fear of change, family commitments or a work schedule. Then on top of that, there is the whole walking into a gym environment and all that fitness pressure, you know the one where everyone looks like they are an instagram model with peachy booties? and if that doesn’t represent you and the gym IRL (in real life) it can be a little overwhelming and you can feel a little alone.

That’s where Bondi Vixen’s Conquer 28 program is your perfect platform. With 28 days of tailored female fitness training from the Pioneer of Women’s Fitness, Vix Erber uses her 30 years of experience working with women in of all ages, sizes and abilities. This program has the tools for you to conquer anything, so that you can achieve your health, mindset and fitness goals with ease.

We sat down with Vix to give you a little more insight into what Conquer 28 can do for you!

What are the Key Factors that make Conquer 28 so effective?

3 key areas we focus on:

  1. MOVE – Effective workouts for the female body. From functional fitness training focusing on strong bodies to barre, pilates and yoga focusing on restoring and lengthening the body.
  1. NOURISH – Lean nutrition plan designed to SHRED the unwanted kilos off, debloat and clean out the internal system. Teaching you how to meal prep, what to eat and when to eat.
  1. EVOLVE – Mindset mentoring via weekly motivational emails designed to keep you focused, inspired with a positive outlook to the finish line.

Why train women only – what is it that women need different to men?

Well the answer is simple… a woman knows a woman’s body best! We KNOW what we need, we KNOW what body parts we want to focus on, We KNOW how we feel and when to nurture our ourselves. Our bodies are built differently to men, our needs are different to men and our goals are different to men. Our training is designed by women for women for a reason!

You offer Functional Training as well as Barre and Pilates – how is the mix of training styles been beneficial?

It’s the ultimate training regime for women! It’s a completely balanced approach. Functional training is designed to strengthen and condition the body through functional moves. Moves that make day to day life seamless. Such as squats (sitting), deadlifts (picking up groceries), sit ups (getting out of bed).

Mixing this style of training with a more passive approach via barre and pilates means the body is completely balanced. Barre and Pilates lengthens while it strengthens (a completely different approach to functional training). Barre and pilates also work to strengthen the smaller assisting muscles that help you move more efficiently and safely, especially when working with the major muscle groups in functional training.

40 is the new 30 these days – what is it that a 40+ woman can gain out of a 28-day challenge?

It’s time to claim back your body! This program is the perfect platform to get your mojo back or to up the ante of your current exercise regime. It’s also perfect for someone that just wants to take a break from where they are currently training and want some fresh inspiration and training styles. hat ever your goal, this program will ensure the results follow. Most women that train at Bondi Vixen are in the age range of ‘40 something’ and most women that do the challenge are looking for the support, structure and accountability needed to stay on track and consistent In a friendly and non-intimidating environment.

With all the Fad Diets out there Conquer 28’s Shred Plan is simple wholefoods – what is your philosophy behind your eating plans?

The philosophy is simple… teaching women HOW to eat clean and maintain your ideal body weight via simple, quick to prepare meals. We are very aware of how time poor we all are and how cooking different meals for family members can be tedious and exhausting. So we want to teach our Vixens how to prep meals, bulk cook and eat super clean without starving or missing a meal. Another important factor we want to teach our Vixens is the timing of meals (regularity of eating) and what each meal should consist of (protein in every meal). Our plan is not about ‘just eat this’, it’s educating them so they understand the benefits of WHY and WHEN they are eating certain meals.

Conquer 28 is just 28 days – what is the long-term goal for your challengers?

The 28-day challenge is like a tool kit to successfully reach your goals in health and fitness. It is then our mission for you to take those tools of success you have learnt over the 28 days and apply them long term. This is by no means a quick fix. Once your goals are achieved you can then make an educated decision on what you would like to continue with long term. For example… we ask you to drink NO alcohol over the 28 days. Once you have done this and feel the positive effects in weight loss and energy gain, you can then decide how much alcohol you want to add back into your daily life.

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