12 Week Winter Booty Camp!

May 27, 2015 | Diet, Fitness, HIIT, Nutrition

One of the biggest fears women have is putting on weight over winter. You know…we call it our ‘Winter Layer’ Its a fact and unfortunately it happens. Why? Well many reasons but mainly due to the fact we get lazy, slow down, think trackies and ugg boots. We don’t have to expose our bodies as much, plus we seem to prefer warming, comfort food opposed to salads and light food. C’mon you cant deny it?

Well, this winter, Bondi Vixen can change that! This winter we got you covered with our 12 week Winter Booty Camp. This once per year program is going to keep you FOCUSED, push you past your COMFORT ZONES and MONITOR your eating to ensure you don’t slip under the radar and off the ban wagon! Included in this program we provide you with exclusive Female Focused workouts that will TONE, SHAPE & SCULPT your body with Kettlebells, Sandbags, Boxing and Kickboxing, so that you are Bikini Ready at the start of Spring, not to mention in PEAK CONDITION!

Join the Bondi Vixen 12 week Winter Booty Camp launching June 8th, 2015. Numbers are always limited as we specialize in SMALL GROUP Training. We are all about CONNECTING with our Vixens and that’s only possible with controlled group numbers.
PLUS when you register you will receive a FREE Vixen ‘Made in Bondi Beach’ Beanie (value $30). For more info on how to stay HOT this Winter go to: https://www.bondivixen.com/winterbootycamp

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