10 Trainers Secrets You Can Do Daily To Lose Weight

Oct 21, 2015 | Diet, Fitness, Nutrition

OK unless you live under a rock, we all know that diet and exercise is the king of weight loss, but taking little steps to kill off the calories during the day can make your weight loss mission end faster.

What are some secrets Trainers keep up their sleeve to lose extra weight?

1. Drink black, white, and green tea daily.

Some research shows that those who drink tea made from real tea leaves have lower body mass indexes and less fat.

2. Eat cayenne pepper.

Cayenne pepper isn’t just an effective cold and flu preventer, but it contains an ingredient called capsaicin which is effective at burning fat.

3. Eat fruit.
Some types of fruit are high in sugar and carbs and can slow down weight loss, but fruit is always a healthier alternative than junk food. If you need a snack, grab an apple.
4. Lift Weights.

Get into it. Try our Athletix STRENGTH and CONDITIONING Classes. Do pushups. Do resistance training (lift weights). Squats. Do all the lifting you can. Resistance Training burns calories and improves metabolism, burning even more after your workout.

5. Eat a salad.

They have way fewer calories than most meal choices and have a lot of fiber, helping you feel full.

6. Eat lean protein.

Protein aids weight loss. It helps cut carbs out of the diet and keep you fuller between meals. Fish, chicken, legumes and nuts are all great sources. All try our exclusive VICIOUS WHEY Protein Powder formulated for Active Women.

7. Shut the fridge.

When the sun goes down, shut the fridge and don’t open it again. It’ll keep you from eating those pesky late night calories that stick around in the morning.

8. Drink a little less booze.

We’re not saying don’t drink, but cut back a little booze and make a habit of not going near it on school nights!

9. Take the stairs.

Forget the elevator. Take the stairs. If you were to take a flights of stairs every day, you’d lose about 1 kilo a year.

10. Make lunch at home.

Instead of ordering out every day for lunch, make lunch at home. Not only will you save cash, but you’re less likely to consume more calories, sodium, and fat.

Now try implementing these 10 simple daily tips and see how it works for you along with your regular training regime and clean eating plan. But Shhhhhh dont tell anyone 😉

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