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Getting Ready for Group Training

At Bondi Vixen we are committed to helping you achieve your goals. In return for this we ask for a commitment from you. Our group classes are designed for maximum impact therefore everyone is encouraged to go through an introductory course of 2 x one on one technique sessions before joining the group classes.

This is because we want to set you up for success right from the beginning.

These 2 x 30minute sessions are intended to achieve a number of goals:

  1. Allow us to get to know you and for you to get to know us
  2. Make you feel comfortable with our teaching methods and practices
  3. Provide you with important safety information before joining the groups
  4. Teach you the foundational movements which will set you up for success
  5. Get a taste of Kettlebells, Powerbags and Kickboxing before you jump in the deep end

The Fundamentals PT Package involves 2 x one on one sessions booked at a time that suits you prior to joining group classes. This can be booked at your Complimentary Fitness Consultation. You can also do the 2 sessions in one hit (60mins total).

One of these fundamental sessions is dedicated to learning the correct technique on how to use Kettlebells and Powerbags. The purpose of this technique session is to ensure safety when lifting and arm you with confidence when joining a group environment.

The other session is dedicated to learning the correct technique on how to punch and kick. The purpose of this technique session is to ensure safety when working in a group environment and arm you with all the essential moves that you will be executing in our kickboxing combos.

The Fundamental PT Package caters for the absolute novice to those who are well conditioned but new to Functional Training. The sessions are designed specifically to introduce you to foundational movements and prepare you for joining the Bikini ATHLETIX group classes.

Please note if you have prior experience in kickboxing and functional training, then you do not need to do the fundamentals PT. However it is highly encouraged to do so if you need to brush up on your skill set or learn the moves if you are new to this style of training. It will allow you to jump straight into the group classes safely and confidently.



30mins x 1 on 1 Kickboxing Technique – learn punches, elbows, knees and kicks
30mins x 1 on 1 Kettlebell & Sandbag Technique – learn hip extension, swings, cleans, presses & snatches

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