THE NEW FRIDAY NIGHT – Retro Vixen Rebellion

Friday nights in Sydney just got a whole lot better thanks to three boss ladies; Shannon Dooly founder of Retro Sweat, Vix Erber founder of Bondi Vixen and Maz Compton founder of The Social Rebellion are giving Friday nights a much needed rebrand by launching their Eighties Ladies Night and you are most welcome to come. Read on to find out more...


CALLING ALL LADY BOSSES! Saturday 30th June we will be hosting the first of what we are hoping to be a monthly event. From 10am - 2pm we are inviting Market Stalls (new and second-hand items welcome) into the Cathedral of Sweat to set up a monthly market. Interested in showcasing your stuff? Read on!

Are you a Slave to the Scales?

It's fascinating how often you hear women talking about their weight - and how much anxiety is associated with what the bathroom scales say. Depending on what we're trying to achieve, seeing extra or fewer kilos on the scales can prompt reactions of happiness and excitement, or frustration and disappointment. Read on to find out if you are a Slave to the Scales and why you need to STOP!

Unlock Your Biggest Keys To Success

To be successful at whatever you do, you need to be backed by your own motivation. Whether that means to reach your fitness goals, career goals or even personal goals- they all require daily motivation and action. Read our latest blog and find out how you can be successful in achieving your fitness goals and staying motivated.  

Living The Dream

For some time now you have held a dream or goal close to your heart. It has filled you with happiness to think of it coming true and you’ve allowed yourself the languid pleasure of daydreaming about how it will look and feel once experienced. It has nurtured your hope and nourished your trust. Then it starts to materialise. Read on to find out how YOU can feel more, fear less and keep living the dream...

Slave to the Scale!

If there’s one thing that causes more unnecessary panic and stress with clients (esp those on the Zone 21 Challenge) it’s the damn on scale. Women literally FREAKING OUT because the scale reads more today than it did yesterday. Read our latest blog to find out HOW to do it properly!

How to Succeed in your Fitness Goals for 2018!

Fitness is a beautiful thing that can change every aspect of your life in a positive way, but most never take the time to figure out what it is they want out of it. Taking the time to set the goal might make all the difference — especially for women. Read on to learn how to set goals effectively, so that you can push your limits and start seeing the changes you want...

4 Skin Care Rules to avoid Wrinkles this Summer!

With Summer in full swing, have you noticed how INTENSE the sun is on your skin!?! Wow and we are only in the first week of December! So apart from the obvious Slip, Slop, Slap and wearing your essential Vixen Trucker cap, what else can we do to protect our skin from wrinkles? Well as we get older the internal side of things becomes just as important as the external ways to protect our skin from turning into a prune! Read on to find out our TOP 4 Rules!

4 Simple Vixen Exercises for Hot Summer Legs!

Are you self-conscious about your legs? Do you dread the thought of wearing shorts, let alone a bikini? Maybe you think your calves are too skinny or you hate that your thighs rub together and your butt jiggles when you walk. Whatever you don't like about your legs, it isn't going to fix itself. So how can you fix it? Read our latest blog post to find out!