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Female. Functional. Fitness.



The program has been developed by Vix the pioneer of women’s fitness on Bondi Beach, from a desire to create a method that would change the way women exercise and lead an active lifestyle. It’s always been very important to Vix that fitness training be delivered in a unique, engaging and innovative way. This is exactly the reason why Bikini ATHLETIX was born.


Experience Functional Training that gives you RESULTS


It takes the best elements of what has revolutionised the fitness industry over the past few years and been reshaped to work perfectly to suit a woman whose age ranges from mid to late-20s to mid-50s. This program has been developed specifically for smart, savvy females who see their fitness training as an investment, not an expense – who understand the value of working with an expert in the field and who realise that to live a healthy, fulfilled and long life, you must maintain a consistent female functional fitness regime that covers all aspects from nutrition, exercise and mind set.

You see, as a female trainer with 25 years’ experience training women, it was clear what was missing in the fitness arena for Generation X women. As Vix sees it, boot camps, Crossfit and other similar franchise type facilities really don’t cater for what a women needs and wants to achieve in terms of great success in health and fitness. It was like you had to fit ‘their’ model of how to work out, even if it was clearly so male orientated and dominated. I mean come on! Is tyre flipping really what a woman needs to shape up and get that dream bikini body? I think not!

There are much better – and safer – ways (plus more effective methods) mentally and physically to achieve great results than overhead squats with a massive barbell or sweating it out in an over-crowded gym or studio watching a TV screen.


So why is Bikini ATHLETIX so amazing?


Well, because firstly, you are working out functionally. Female functional training is important for day to day activities in our everyday life, such as squatting or lunging to pick up a bag, or bending and twisting to pick up a child. It’s also beneficial to sports specific conditioning.


Some other important benefits of our exclusive functional fitness program include:


  • Whole body work out in a short space of time
  • Generates fast fat loss
  • Develops strength and flexibility simultaneously
  • Develops the neuromuscular system via coordinated sequences
  • Development of a well-conditioned core unit
  • Creates total body symmetry
  • Cuts out boredom with a great number of exercise variations
  • Secondly, the program is completely structured. So every day has a different focus.

Our functional fitness training program on Bondi Beach is designed to ensure every aspect to creating a strong, healthy, fit body is achieved through various methods and modalities. It truly is a perfect training regime for females that will guarantee you will be in the best shape of your life no matter what age you are.

Combine this with the Bikini ATHLETIX Lifestyle Guidelines, arming you with knowledge on how to eat and live a healthy, clean and detoxed lifestyle is a recipe for success! Don’t forget, abs are made in the kitchen!


We’ll put you on the road to SUCCESS


Now all the most effective training and best nutritional advice isn’t going to work unless you are kept accountable. So monthly assessments are provided to ensure you stay on track, keep your focus and progress your fitness goals as you reach personal milestones.

The stand out point of difference that Vix has created is that outdoor female functional training on Bondi Beach doesn’t mean you have to train with the masses. She has ensured all classes are capped so that we are a boutique style of training. You get controlled groups numbers (max 16 per class), 2 trainers at every class and kickass workouts that GUARANTEE you achieve your personal goals.

We are dedicated to your success and we know women who are serious about their health and fitness will just love our luxe approach!


Our Core Values:


  • Bikini ATHLETIX helps women LOOK, FEEL and FUNCTION more ATHLETICALLY.
  • Bikini ATHLETIX delivers RESULTS through SMALL Group Training.
  • Bikini ATHLETIX holds clients ACCOUNTABLE with fortnightly check-ins.
  • Bikini ATHLETIX keeps clients MOTIVATED with VARIED, STRUCTURED Workouts.
  • Bikini ATHLETIX is a COMMUNITY to be part of.
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